The most complete, powerful, and
easy-to-use IVI driver development
tool available.

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No Special Software Tools to Buy

Stay within the Visual Studio environment to build your IVI.NET, IVI-COM and IVI-C drivers, your help file, your regression test, and even your installer program.

No Added Runtime Components Needed

Nimbus-developed drivers are fully self-contained. Everything needed to run them is built right in. No additional runtime DLLs or IVI engine components are required.

Easy LabVIEW Integration

Bring your Nimbus-developed drivers directly into LabVIEW.

IVI.NET, IVI-COM and IVI-C Support

Produce all three kinds of IVI drivers – IVI.NET, IVI-COM and IVI-C.

No Complex Programming Required

Nimbus handles all the complexities of IVI, C++ and COM for you. Add, remove, and modify the functionality of your IVI driver quickly and easily, using intuitive wizards.

Automatic Code Round-Tripping

Make decisions about the layout of methods, interfaces, and other characteristics at any time—even after implementation.

Full IVI Compliance

Enjoy guaranteed compliance with all the latest IVI specifications—and pinpoint potential compliance errors in your driver design.

Real-World Testing and Quality Assurance

We put Nimbus to the test every single day by using it to provide our own IVI development services for the industry’s biggest names and our most demanding customers.

Nimbus/LabWindows COMPARISON

All IVI development tools are not created equal. Take a look at our handy comparison chart below and see firsthand all of the ways our Nimbus Driver Studio outperforms LabWindows®, an IVI-C only development environment.


We provide unparalleled IVI services for partners around the world.

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